Cue The Soundtrack!

They're here! They're here! The birds are here! I love getting mail! And I love these birds! 
I received my package from Regina at Creative Kismet, and I have to say, I scored! 
I know, I know, that's not the point of the swap, and I agree, it really wasn't. I so enjoyed everything about this exchange. I liked making my birds, and I hope whoever receives them loves them as much as I love these. I only wish that they all had tags on them so I'd know where they came from! If you recognize any of these as ones that you've made, please drop me a note. I know the black and white guy is from Sewing Magpie, because I entered her give-away to win one! I love it! 
I don't know who made this little fellow, but I adore the fuzzy tail!
And look at his feet! 
I know this beautiful Blue guy is from Cathie Sweetwolf 
I love his two sidedness, and the cute button too! I my have to steal that idea, Cathie! Too cute! 
This one's adorable, and has blush! How cute is that? And I love the embroidery.

How cute is this one? He's got a three dimensional wing! And there's a lot of other cute things over at Whosies and Whatnots
And this one... Hmm... Where could Darling Lorraine have come from? I'm so glad that she flew on over! She's precious, isn't she? You wish you had one. I know you do. 
I love her. Almost as much as I love her creator. 
A big thank you to Regina for going through all the stress of organizing this swap! I had a wonderful time. 
Now, what other swap can I join?

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Magpie Sue said...

Well, it took me forever to find your blog again but I'm so glad I perservered! (I know, I know, your email addy was on the bird but I wanted to link to your blog. I can't do anything the easy way.)

It looks like we got much the same set of birds in the swap. Cool huh? I'm so glad you like mine 'cause I was bummed when I didn't win Beauregard in your give away. But now I have one of my own! Only he doesn't have glasses. I bet I can find him some if I just look around (Michael's maybe?). Anyway, now I can give Beauregard II his close-up and tell people where to find his fabulous creator ;- )